Who can join Social4Med?Vantaggi

At the time, Social4Med registration is permitted only by the following professionals:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Companies operating in the health fields

Why Join?

Social4Med offers many opportunities to the members.

By joining the Social Network, you can use all the available services and interact with other members in a simple and fast way.

What are the benefits for members?

All members may take many advantages joining Social4Med.

Here are some examples:

  • Publication and disclosure of scientific contents
  • Sharing of clinical cases with other colleagues
  • Creation of personal blogs
  • Creation of a personal Web page
  • Storage of a personal Multimedia Library by collecting and archiving of diagnostic and interventional images and videos
  • Conducting surveys with pre-set questions and answers
  • Publication of personal ads related to your practice and useful to the other members
  • Reporting important events for medical doctors and health professionals

Can Social4Med be considered as a learning tool?

Certainly! Social4Med, offers members a very extensive database consisting of the whole of the scientific material published and shared by users.

Can Members find new job opportunities?

Through Classifieds, Social4Med offers subscribers a dedicated area for consultation and/or publication of job offers in the health fields.

However, Social4Med is not meant to do that and it assumes no responsibility deriving from improper use of this service.