About Us

The idea of Social4Med was developed by the need of a group of Medical Doctors that, during the normal daily professional activity, wanted to interchange their experiences with colleagues from around the world.About Us

The project started in 2009 thanks to the collaboration of a team of computer professionals, who, assisted by the medical team founders, identified and tested a complete product that best meets the requested requirements.

After several months of development and testing, Social4Med now, has a comprehensive set of modules and services essential to the publication, disclosure and sharing of scientific material. Social4Med is online since 2011.

The mission of the project is based on the following principles:

training, sharing, interaction, disclosure and growth of social and professional relationships between doctors and healthcare companies.

At now, Social4Med does not intend to operate any profits based on subscription fees.

The costs of the project, in factare fully supported by the founders.

The project is constantly being expanded and open to opinions and guidance of members, who can send their suggestions and/or any change requests or improvements to the following address: