VideoBigEnable video embedding, uploading, and sharing

Users can post videos from Youtube, Vimeo, or even their own computers. The presence of videos, in the field of medicine is very important considering Instrumental tests (CT, MRI, angiography, etc..), surgical procedures, etc.

Video Ratings

Registered users can rate videos by using five-star scale. Ratings are displayed next to the video thumbnails and are shown when members are browsing the video gallery. Voting is important to identify the most popular videos.

Video attachments

Videos can be attached to posts made by users directly in the activity feed. Members can also post videos directly onto other users' profile.

Categories and tags

Users can categorize their videos into predefined categories. They can also tag videos with any keywords, giving the Community a simple way to view the videos related to their search.

Privacy options

Users can decide who can view and comment on their videos.

Video browser

Users can browse all the videos posted in the Community and sort them by date of publication, popularity (votes), and the number of views.