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Pages is a powerful way to advertise People, Products and Services. It can be used by Companies (Health facilities, Pharmaceutical companies, Biomedical companies, etc..), People (Doctors, Health Professionals, etc.), Products, Profiles, Services, Books, etc.

Easy Search and Modular Architecture

The excellent features, ease of use, great design, navigation and quick search engine optimization (SEO), make Pages the ideal solution for advanced listings. Its modular architecture and many available extensions allow users to have the right set of capabilities to advertise itself or a particular Product or Service. Features such as reviews and ratings, albums, videos, notes, documents, invitations and more, can enrich and make your page interactive and professional.

Visibility of the Page outside of Social4Med

Through the Privacy settings, You can make your page visible even to non-members. In this case the page can be reached by a specific web address chosen while creating the page.