AlbumBigUpload and share photos of your scientific activity

Photo sharing is a crucial part of modern social networks. The presence of images related to professional activity can give user the ability to create a database accessible at any times and seen by the users authorized by the owner.

Multiple file uploading

The photo uploader makes it easy for members to post entire photo albums with just a few clicks. A real-time progress bar is displayed so members can check the upload progress of the files on the servers.

Photo tagging

Members can tag the photos. Tagged photos can appear in the activity feed, optimizing the search, browsing, and archiving.

Automatic image resizing and thumbnails

Photos uploaded by users are elegantly resized to the specified dimensions.

Privacy options

During images uploading, users can decide who can view, tag and comment them.

Photo Album browser

Users can browse thumbnails from photo albums posted in the Community. Albums can be sorted by date or popularity.

Photo Attachments

Photos can be attached to your members' posts directly in the activity feed. Members can also post photos directly onto other members' profiles.