To join your Medical Network you need to sign up for Social4Med.
What do i do:
Go to Social4Med Home Page and click Join if you have to register or Sign in if you are already a member.


By clicking Join on the Home Page, you will find the following screen:

Create Account

register en

On Email Address please write your valid email address which will then be used for all communications and activities on Social4Med concerning you.
Enter the Password that must be at least 6 characters in lenght, remembering the upper and/or special characters and retype it on Password Again.
Choose Timezone and Language according to your Country. For example Timezone UTC-4 (Atlantic Time) and English Language.
The other system language is Italian and if you want to just use the drop down menu to choose the Italian Language.
Read the Rules carefully and check the selection I have read and agree to the Term of Service to accept the general conditions to use Social4Med.
It's imperative to be a Physician, a Legal Representative of a Healthcare Company or of a Scientific Society to access Social4Med and the registered User takes its own responsibility for all activities within the social network.

Now you can proceed with the Registration.
Click on Continue.

You will go to the home screen of your Profile Informations:

Profile Informations

Info Profile

Please enter the Personal Information (REQUIRED), your First Name, Last Name, Gender, and your Date of Birth (Birthday).

You can add the details (Contact Information) as your Personal Website and/or your Twitter account, Facebook, or AIM accounts (not essential to go ahead with the registration).

A short personal decription can be added on Personal Details, on About me (not essential to go ahead with the registration).

Click Save to store your data.

Click Save to store your data.

Continue by adding the Main Photo of your Profile:

Add Your Photo

Photo Profile

By clicking on Sfoglia (Browse) you will search for the photo on your Computer. The image in .jpg format will be loaded onto this screen and resized automatically by the system. You will see also the thumbnail that you can center by clicking on Edit Thumbnail then on Apply Changes when the work is completed. The Photo and thumbnail are ready for your Profile. Click Save Photo when done. If you do not want to upload a photo at the time of registration you might as well do it later, you can skip to save a photo profile by clicking on skip.

Your profile has been created and your Registration is not yet complete. You will see the following message: Thanks for joining!

Welcome! A verification message has been sent to your email address with instructions on how to activate your account. Once you have clicked the link provided in the email and we have approved your account, you will be able to sign in.

Ok, Thanks!

End of Registration Message

Click om Ok, Thanks!, to end your Registration session.
Check your Mail where you will find an email sent by Social4Med with Subject: Social Network - Verification Email. You will find a link that can be clicked to verify your Email to go ahead with the Registration process. If the link is not clickable please copy/paste the full link to your browser addresses bar.

NOTE: Some providers can receive this Email on Junk or Spam. Please also check these folders.

After Verification of the Email is necessary to wait for the approval of the Administration, which generally occurs within a few minutes but may, in some cases, be prolonged to 24 hours. You will receive a notification email of approval.

From this moment on, you can access Social4Med doing Login directly from the Home Page

Sign In 

Social4Med Login

Enter your Email address and Password chosen during registration. Click on Sign In to access Social4Med with your profile.
If you are using your personal computer and do not want to rewrite every time the email address and password you just check the Remember Me box before clicking Sign In to allow storage of your information access to the Medical Network.
If you are using a public computer such storage is strongly not recommended so DO NOT check the Remember Me box.

To Login by Smartphone just write on the browser (ie. Safari for iPhone) and enter Email and Password to access Social4Med directly by phone with an optimized version for all types of display used.

  • Tuesday, 07 February 2012