Invite your Friends to Join

Through the Invite Menu an invitation can be sent to your friends and/or colleagues to join Social4Med.

After clicking on Invite you enter a page where you can choose various web accounts to add your Contacts as Friends on Social4Med. The available accounts are Gmail, Yahoo!, Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and AOL. Clicking on the selected account a dialog box will open that will ask you permission to access via Social4Med to your list of friends found in that account. Wait the loading of Friends list and make your choices for invitations. You can specify from 1 to 50 (maximum) friends to invite per a time. The friend will receive a message or email (depending on the type of social network chosen) with your invitation and a link to access Social4Med for a new registration. All those invited who make signing up for Social4Med will automatically receive a friendship request from you.

Invite friends to join


You may also invite your friends via Upload Contact File from your address books as Mac (Mac, iPad, iPhone), Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Linkedin, Windows Address Book, Palm Desktop, Windows Mail and other Personal Address Books in the .csv or .txt format file, click on the desired service at the right side of the page and follow the required steps. Also in this case, a list of the Friends available in the address book of your choice, will be loaded from Social4Med and you will be able to select a maximum of 50 friends at a time. The selected Friends will receive an invitation via e-mail with the link for the Registration. The friend who registers will receive automatically the friendship request from you.

Another solution to invite your friends by knowing the Emailis to write it manually with a standard or custom message. To do this click on the Add Email addresses manually in the right side of the page just below the Upload Contact File. You can specify up to a maximum of 10 email addresses separated by a comma or email address per line.

Note: Social4Med will not store your account informations.
  • Tuesday, 07 February 2012