Find Members

Clicking on the Members Menu you can access the list of the Social Network registered members.

The list is in alphabetical order and displays up to 10 users per page.

You can browse through the pages by clicking on the numbers below or next.

It's possible to search for a user through the appropriate user search tool placed on the left column.

The filter allows you to search for:

First Name, Last Name, Sex (Gender), Specialization, Country, City, Users with Photos and Online users.

Once you set the filter you can start your search by clicking on the Search button below.

If the search is successful, it only shows users that are within your search criteria.

It's possible to click on the user name to access personal information set on the user profile.

Not all users can be searched, because the Privacy settings let you set up your profile not searchable (hidden).

  • Tuesday, 07 February 2012